Author: Biplab Das


ACH Payment Processing for Online Merchant Account

An Automated Cleaning House or simply ACH payment gateway enables the merchants to process ACH transactions without worrying about any risks or frauds. A high-risk merchant account with ACH Payment Processing solution offers merchant’s a solution that helps their business to grow and flourish and does not limit it within the boundary

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best cheap gaming laptops

Best Budget Laptops for Creators! In India

We all almost spent this 2020 inside the home due to the pandemic coronavirus. But no matter what’s happening, but work will never stop. And because of the coronavirus Work from Home is common now and it will be. Working from home is not a big deal, but get all

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How to use VIM editor on Linux
How to

How to use VIM in Linux Terminal?

In this segment we will take a look at a tool to put content into files and edit that content also. Vi (Vim) is a very incredible tool. The aim of this article is not to cover everything that Vi can do however to get you ready for the basics.

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