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What is Virtualization? Basic Virtualization Understanding Part -1

With this article, we are going to start a series which will be completely based on cloud and virtualization. Let’s...
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Top utility APPS.

The Google Play store is full of exciting games and app. If you dig in the google play store and...
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Hardware PC

Build your very first BUDGET PC, which can handle all your task.

For the tech enthusiast building a PC by selecting own choices components is so satisfying task in life. I always...
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Hardware PC

Asrock EPC621D4I-2M, a mini ITX motherboard.

Asrock released a mini ITX motherboard with server-grade specs. The ASRock rack is known for making good expensive motherboards for...
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Why PUBG mobile is more popular in INDIA than any other countries.

There could be few reasons for a game which insanely get popular. Like easily playable, free to download and the...
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Internet Networks

The evaluation of mobile networks. (4G vs 5G).

At this time of digital world, if you are using a smartphone, there is a high possibility that you have...
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Hardware Phones

Samsung Galaxy note10. Indian Variant.

The Note 10 has been priced at Rs. 69,999 for the 8GB RAM + 256GB model and the Note 10+...
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Internet Utility

What is Blockchain Technology? explained.

Introduction Blockchain is fundamentally a time-stamped arrangement of immutable records of any information that is managed by a bunch of...
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Revolt RV-400. The future of electric bike in India.

Revolt RV 400 – eco-friendly motorcycle at an affordable price with good looks. August 28, the final date for the...
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SuperX lammar 5.0 introduction and a quick review.

Introduction As per the site, SuperX which stands for Simple User-friendly Powerful Energetic Robust eXperience is a free and Open...
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