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How To Use Phone’s Camera As Your WebCam.

Using a desktop make you buy lots of Peripheral, and one of them is the webcam. Yes, there are millions of external Webcams come at different verity and price. But actually, you don’t need an external webcam for your desktop, instead, you can use your phone as your webcam and

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MI Box 4K: POCKET Android-TV.

Are you bored to watch your LED TV regularly? Want to upgrade with an android TV? Then just, wait a minute before buying a new Android TV. Because we have something for your boring regular android TV that converts it into a Smart TV. Xiaomi, a well-known electronic manufacturing company

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Understanding Wireguard, Installation and Configuration. Explained.

Those who want to set up a virtual private network often struggle with a configuration that is not that simple. Wireguard promises that tunnel construction can also be easier and quicker. Introduction VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are considered a secure number when it comes to connecting the home office to

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