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Developer Transition Kit by Apple.

As we all know that Apple is switching back to ARM chipsets for almost all their MAC’s. But for custom chips and architecture also means you have to make the currents apps compatible with Upcoming ARM-based computers. As Apple promised that their ARM-based Upcoming CPUs will be industry-standard from both

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iPhone SE-2. A legacy of an Apple Product.

There are no reasons to call the new 4.7inch iPhone as iPhone 9. because this is the perfect 2nd gen iPhone SE2 from every aspect. The same smaller screen, powerful hardware, and cheaper price. So finally Apple released the 2nd gen iPhone SE, called iPhone SE2. I’m not an Apple

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Understanding Wireguard, Installation and Configuration. Explained.

Those who want to set up a virtual private network often struggle with a configuration that is not that simple. Wireguard promises that tunnel construction can also be easier and quicker. Introduction VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are considered a secure number when it comes to connecting the home office to

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