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Why Chrome remote Desktop is the next big thing for remote support.

When it comes to accessing computers remotely then the only name comes first on our mind is THE Teamviewer. Yes, that is an industry-standard remote app using by over a million peoples and most of the IT departments only use Teamviewer or provide remote support over Teamviewer to their consumers. So you

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Browse any websites from Linux Terminal using DDGR.

Linux Terminal has lots of features and terminal is very important for Linux users. If you are a Linux user then you will understand what I mean. But if you are not, then let me show you how can you browser webpages using the DUCK DUCK GO search engine from

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Everything you need to know about the new Pixel 4.

Google pixels are outstanding phones form the inception of the pixel which launched in 2016. The pixels are known for their excellent camera, speedy software, and fastest updates. But recently Google launched its 4th model called pixel 4. The pixel 4 is the first phone which has a dual rear

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