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Upcoming Surface Book 3 specs confirmed.

The Microsoft upcoming surface 3 leaked all the details and certified. The surface 3 comes in both 13 and 15inch variant with Intel’s 10th gen Chipset under-the-hood and up to 32gigs of RAM. There will be some variation in the configuration and consumers can select the size and memory types depend on their budgets. According

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AMD Secretly Working On Ryzen-3 ZEN Core 2 Architecture.

AMD may hit back with the Rezen 3 ZEN core 2 architecture. Based on a leak AMD is working on the Ryzen 3 budget CPU with the ZEN Core 2 against Intel’s looming 10th Generation Comet Lake-S Core i3. AMD never produced a successor to the previous generation (2000-series) Ryzen 3 chips.

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