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Know More Deeply on Hypervisor and Virtual Machine.

So, moving towards our Virtualization Series. Suppose that you are working in the IT branch of a major organization that sells smart-watches everywhere throughout the world. The CEO is interested to save money and requests an approach to spend less on IT hardware yet at the same time needs workers

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SuperX lammar 5.0 introduction and a quick review.

Introduction As per the site, SuperX which stands for Simple User-friendly Powerful Energetic Robust eXperience is a free and Open Source operating system based on the Linux kernel, GNU utilities, KDE Neon desktop environment (UI) and depends on Ubuntu code base. It was first developed by Wrishiraj Kaushik and his

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How to

How to install Anyconnect in Linux?

As we know that mostly all the work we do in linux, we have to use terminal. So if you are new in linux you can get someone’s help or you can use this guide step by step as im mentioning. All the terminal codes i’m including here in text

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