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How To Use Phone’s Camera As Your WebCam.

Using a desktop make you buy lots of Peripheral, and one of them is the webcam. Yes, there are millions of external Webcams come at different verity and price. But actually, you don’t need an external webcam for your desktop, instead, you can use your phone as your webcam and

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How to use Whatsapp on your PC.

Working using a computer is a normal thing but when you are busy with completing your task and then suddenly your phone which is in your pocket rings, sometimes that feels disturbing. So you also can’t ignore that because that could be from your family, friends and your loving ones.

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Watch Premium Movies & TV shows Free. Using POPcorn-Time.

Basically, the current situation is lockdown everywhere, and that is the only weapon we have against the Nobel Corona Virus. So we all locked in our houses for quite some weeks. Yes, its been 1 whole month then I haven’t been out. And here India it will be continued till

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